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Crystal Miner

Enter the world of crystal mining and apply your spectacular crystal matching skills to get coins! As a crystal miner player, your job is to identify the shape and color of crystals in the cart, as well as the other available crystals. In the next step you have to place crystals in chests in the right order to get coins. What sounds simple at first, becomes more challenging over time. Find your strategy to stay in the game as long as possible, level up and climb the leaderboard.

Challenging game for all players

Crystal Miner is the perfect game for in between. For those who like to puzzle and develop strategies to get better. There is no time pressure. If you don’t succeed, just start over again. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at sorting crystals, this game is for you!

Place crystals in the spare pockets

Although it may seem simple at first, you will be faced with increasingly difficult challenges as you progress through the levels. In the game, it happens that crystals don’t match. You’ll be given spare pockets with limited slots to store extra crystals. As soon as you place a crystal there, new crystals will be revealed that may help you advance. Remember that coins are deducted for each crystal you keep. So play wisely!

Move up in the leaderboard

The more and more challenging levels you play in Crystal Miner, the better rankings you will get in the global leaderboard. Increase your chances of getting to the top of the global leaderboard by completing as many levels as possible, thereby earning as many points as possible. Remember that your rank in the global leaderboard depends to a great extent on your strategy. It should always be aimed at collecting the right kind of crystals without losing too many coins.

Features of Crystal Miner

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This game was made with the awesome free and open source Godot Engine (Licence)

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